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What makes the flax seed that Blue Sky Distributors' offers different from what you find in the grocery store?
We're frequently asked why our flax seed is better or different from the brands in grocery stores. Well – we don’t know what “the other guys do” but here is our story.
We're committed to quality - a quality product and quality service to go along with it. After the spring planting, the fields bloom into a sea of blue flax blossoms blowing in the wind like rolling ocean waves. We walk the fields that your flax is grown in; we know the people who harvest and process the flax which is never touched by human hands and is placed directly into sealed containers. In fact, our flax goes through an extra cleaning step which exceeds normal processing standards. Flax USA is very particular in making sure you, the customer, get not only the highest quality but the cleanest seed. The result is a premium product that Flax USA presents as North Dakota’s Best. We agree ! Ask your grocer or health store about their flax - we're confident their response will demonstrate why we're better and our quality stands out!
Blue Sky Distributors has been specializing in and dedicated to Healthy Living Products since 1995.Healthy Living starts here!
We've based our entire business on a simple concept: share information and products that empower people to lead healthier lives with products that “nature” has provided us with.
Our philosophy is centered on a common sense approach of bringing high quality products at a cost that is affordable and within reach of most of the people we talk to. An example would be the flax, which brings the three basic benefits of a high quality of Omega 3.  An Essential Fatty Acid (“EFA”); a substantial measure of dietary fiber, and a very high lignan content in a single product for multiple applications.
Our mission is to get the information on our products to people who have a need for these products; and this we do face-to-face at fairs and events, and we welcome referrals based on customer satisfaction.
Our greatest reward is when a customer contacts us and relates the success that they have had with an application of one of our products. Our customers are both our mentors and our students as you give us feed back or challenge us with inquiries.
We look forward to meeting you and thank you for visiting our website.


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