Blue Sky Distributors has selected the Miller family and a community of farmers who specialize in delivering high quality golden flax seed. In fact, we proudly proclaim on our flax product labels that this is “North Dakota’s Best”. We know this is true and is the reason we stand behind our product so proudly. We have walked the fields where your flax comes from, met the people who harvest and process the seed and maintain continued dialog with our supplier in an effort to maintain such high quality standards.
Only premium Omega golden flax seed is used to produce the high quality product we provide to you. The long days and cool nights of North Dakota produce a seed that is high in oil content, a plump golden seed which provides the highest oil content per seed.
The natural golden flax is field segregated and grown without the use of pesticides. The 100% USDA organic flax is also grown in segregated fields and subject to the USDA auditing process to comply with 100% Certified Organic flax labeling.
Upon harvesting, the flax seed is subject to 4 steps of cleaning and sorting to ensure that only the purest flax seed is packaged into either the whole seed form or the ground form via the Real Cold Milled™ process. This process is performed in an effort to maintain the Omega 3 quality and nutrient rich aspects, resulting in a clean seed and a better tasting product.
Our Flax Products are  :
• FARM FRESH premium grade Golden Flax seed from North Dakota
• Pesticide Free
• Non GMO
• Gluten Free
• Not sold in bulk bins
• Untouched by human hands
• 40% EFA content – 58% of which is Omega 3
• 20% Protein Content (great for vegetarian diets!)
We understand that consumers want convenience which is why all of our flax products are packaged in security sealed and re-sealable plastic containers to ensure freshness and storability. The product is offered in sizes that meet all levels of customer need, accessibility and consumption.


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